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Kanzi is a Berlin-based social startup connecting language learning with rap music. Our name is inspired by a very special Bonobo ape. Born in 1980, Kanzi rose to international fame with his outstanding mental and linguistic capacities.

Seriously, can there be a better inspiration for a startup dedicated to innovative language learning?

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Our solution-oriented contribution
to an enlightened society

Rappers without Borders

Through our pilot project Rappers without Borders (German: Rapper* ohne Grenzen), we reach out to schools, welcome classes, and refugee initiatives to teach German to young refugees through rap. Our vision is to use music to help level the playing field for youngsters by helping them overcome linguistic, educational, and employment restrictions. Find out more about the story behind the project and how you can bring yourself in.

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Rappers without Borders

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Brain-friendly learning through Music

Language courses with Rap

We develop workshop-based solutions for language learners across the globe. All our rap songs are specifically written and produced for our classes with a view to integrating the transmission of linguistic and cultural aspects of foreign language acquisition. Through our innovative and brain-friendly educational techniques, we provide playful and creative access to the German language, overcoming the limitations of traditional language teaching. Find out more about our offers, methods and current workshops here.

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