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Rappers without Borders

Starting change

Progressive solutions

By its very nature, music transcends borders. With our social pilot project Rappers without Borders we offer young refugees workshops that transmit German language and culture through rap. To this end, we work with local rap artists and producers. We’re particularly keen to reach children and adolescents, for whom rap promises an easier and more playful entry into language learning. We believe that language is the key to increased participation and that learning it ought to be fun!

Even though the primary target is language acquisition, our purpose is bigger: we want to empower youngsters, create a space for mutual learning on eye level, and provide them with the opportunity to become part of a community. Our offer is addressed in particular to Berlin schools and welcome classes. We offer Workshops for all levels of language competence, from complete beginners to advanced learners. 

“Hip Hop has united more people of various skin colours and nationalities than all the world’s politicians together.”

Afrika Bambaataa

All our rap songs are specifically tailored to our workshops in terms of the vocabulary and grammar they employ. But our method is more than a tweak of the traditional language class: taking the path through hip hop leads the way to intercultural dialogue, empowerment, reflection on one’s history and cultural particularities. After all, this art form has always served the self-expression of the voice of youth. As our experience in teaching language through rap at schools testifies, children and adolescents really begin to enjoy language class, find it easier to retain newly acquired material, and seize the opportunity to put their new skills to use by writing their own texts, whether alone or in small groups.

Refugee children and adolescents often run up against the feeling that they don’t belong. We intend to tackle this through our workshops. We want to create a space, which gives all participants a sense of belonging, where they get to see themselves as part of a community. We believe that music unites and has the power to transcend all sorts of borders. Each workshop reaffirms this anew. Interested in having us come to your school, too? Here you’ll find out how.


Playful approach

Our playful and hands-on methods ease children and adolescents’ way into language acquisition, making learning German fun!

Intrinsic Motivation

Learning a new language through your favorite music as opposed to standard teaching resources is significantly more motivating.

Culture and Community

We open a space for intercultural exchange, empowerment, and community building. We see music as a connecting force that helps transcend boundaries.

Coming to your school

We are happy to bring our workshops to your school or institution. Our offer extends in particular to schools and welcome classes in the Berlin area. Generally, each of our workshops runs for three hours, but we also facilitate day-long workshops upon request. Inquiries for project weeks are also welcome.

Are you a student, social worker, or principal interested in bringing one or a series of workshops to your school or institution? Then write us an email! If possible, include a tentative date, as well as information concerning group size and language level. Knowing whether or not there is an allocated budget also helps our planning.



Support the vision

Take Action

With our project “Rappers without Borders ” we want to actively contribute to raising the social participation of refugees. For more solidarity and less borders!


Throughout the world, more than 70 million people are on the run.


40% of the refugees are under the age of 16.


Many experience prejudices and discrimination.

Language barriers

Without access to the German language they lack perspectives.
The Limits of my Language are the Limits of my World.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Be a part in supporting the integration of refugees in our society through this innovative approach. We are currently in touch with a variety of institutions interested in offering workshops in their welcome classes. Make it possible with your donation!